About GridFlair

How GridFlair Works

GridFlair works by building a website block by block and making each block adapt to a specific screen size without affecting other blocks. When you get to put all these responsive blocks together, the result is a fully responsive website.

GridFlair In Action

This website was of course developed using GridFlair and can adapt to any user screen environment. You can resize your browser window to see this website in action. Alternatively, the Responsinator may be used to see how this page adapts to different devices. See GridFlair at Responsinator

GridFlair Inspirations

GridFlair is inspired by the works of Ethan Marcotte, Graham Miller, Kemal Yilmaz, and Denis Leblanc. The author developed his own system that works for him. He found it to be so comfortable and efficient that he decided to "pay it back" by sharing it with others. As such, you can use this framework for free.

Bunch Of Thanks

This website would not have been possible without the help of great people behind the creation of HTML5, CSS3, and those organizations that offer tools and services freely available to the public such as: