Open Source Projects

Below are my original open source projects. Use and modify them as you see fit in your projects, free of charge.

Online Publishing

While writing web scripts flows in my blood, I believe that it's time for me to pass this responsibility to the younger generation and assume a more advanced role.

I am now moving on to pursue a teaching and publishing career.

People rely on the internet to get all the help they need. It is in this area where I want to make use of my web development talent and internet marketing skills.

About Me

I am a web developer with more than a decade of experience in the layout, design, and coding of websites using the latest web programming principles.

My skills include PHP/MySQL, jQuery, htaccess, cURL, HTML, CSS, Wordpress, and SEO.

I contribute to the open source community by creating useful scripts and sharing codes for educational, commercial and non-commercial purposes.

I formerly worked at as key web programmer/developer. Currently, I am pursuing a career in online publishing.

More about me here

Contact Me

While I don't accept web programming jobs anymore, I don't close my door for those who need advice.

If you have any questions about online business, PHP/MySQL programming, search engine ranking, getting traffic to your website or the internet in general, send me an email.

Email: support at jvcodex . com